The Chamber and the Ue project










The Chamber and the Ue project

The Chamber of Commerce of Potenza was established on 5th October 1862. Today, it is an important institution of the local economic life. The Chamber works in cooperation with the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce (Unioncamere), the Basilicata Region, the University of Basilicata and the main trade-associations. The Chamber carries out support and promotional functions for SMEs, as well as very important administrative functions. The main mission of the Chamber is the promotion of the local economic system through: professional and skilled training; activities to facilitate the credit accession by the SMEs; territorial marketing and local development programmes; economic research. The Chamber develops strategic competences, focusing on the sustainability and competitiveness and the improvement of product and services performance. In fact, the Italian laws have entrusted to the Chambers  a number of important tasks in environmental matters, including: a) keeping the Register of companies engaged in waste management (Albo Gestori Ambientali); b) cooperating with national authorities in the management of SISTRI (Waste Tracking System); c)  disseminating information on environmental rules through websites, training, information desks etc. d) certifying agricultural food production to verify the quality of products, processes, and companies (Organismo di controllo prodotti agroalimentari).


The Chamber of Commerce has several experiences in supporting business environment and promoting SMEs, such as managing credit facilities in order to sustain the development and the creation of new enterprises.

In particular, the Chamber of Potenza has taken part, as a partner and through its special agency Forim, to “GuardEn”, Guardians of Environment Framework: An Integrated Approach of Strategies for the Prevention of Soil Pollution and Rehabilitation of Harmed Territories. It was a project (organized in form of Transnational Cooperation Programme South East Europe) that focused on developing and testing a coherent Framework aimed at supporting rational designs and the implementation of local strategies for environmental risk prevention and management, specific for territories threatened by soil or water pollution.


The experiences of the Chamber in trans-national co-operation projects includes the participation, as principal partner, in various Leonardo and Equal Project (ESF):

Quality and innovation for the tourism of the future in South Basilicata (Equal), promoting innovative skills among employers and employees in order to improve the quality of touristic services in South Basilicata (Maratea – Pollino – Metapontino);

SME ACTor (Leonardo da Vinci), spreading the methodology of Action Learning as a tool for cooperative and peer-to-peer learning which has been tested, in Basilicata, in the sector of tourism.

The Chamber also participates, as principal or local partner and/or expert, in many EU transnational Projects developing specific tasks concerning the enhancement of business climate, enterprise support, and quality certification, territorial marketing, economic studies and analysis, sustainable growth,  education social mobility, with reference to the following Projects:


INTERREG IIIB ARCHIMED – GREEN ENTERPISES (Principal Partner): “Green Enterprise” focuses on rational spatial management. Considering the enterprise as a major actor for the sustainable development of the community, while recognizing the effective management of Environmental Resources as a critical factor for sustainability, the project aims to develop and test a coherent and integrated framework for rational planning and implementation of strategies for promoting and supporting the development of “Environmentally Conscious” and “Socially Responsible” business units.

PROGRAMME ERASMUS PLUS- “TRAineeships IN European EnterpriseS” (Partner) : this project plans to transnational mobility actions for the ' Individual Learning ( AK1 ), giving the ' opportunities to students and graduates to undertake an experience of learning and / or work in another country .


The Chamber of Commerce applies to calls issued by the EU Commission and is interested joining partnerships for the EU Program Participation 2014-20 (including, for example: Cosme 2014-2020 Easi 2014- 2020, Horizon 2014-2020, Erasmus Plus 2014-2020).

Moreover, the Chamber is strongly committed to bringing its experience and expertise to initiatives that might lead to the constitution of partnerships aimed at application for transnational cooperation projects (including, for example, EUROPE INTERREG, MED, URBACT, ADRION).

The partnerships of which the Chamber has been or is still part include public authorities, business associations, universities, schools and research institutes and societies.


The themes of the Chamber’s projects mainly concern the improvement of the business environment, facilitating economic growth and innovation and sustainable development, all of which are aspects that represent stand as one of the Chamber’s main strategic objectives.